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AgriCom thinks outside the box for Agricultural and Commercial projects.

Agricultural projects are an integral part of life for almost every individual. Dairy, vegetables and meat all came from farms nowadays. Our agricultural projects range from improving the crop yields, to fertilizing the soil to implementing new farming techniques. All this requires a precise agricultural project coordination and we offer special solutions for any farms. 

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You can create your own company and get going on your own. There are various other agri-businesses and organizations that help you in your endeavor of establishing a profitable farm.


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Agriculture plays a vital role in providing food and other basic needs. Agriculture is one of the pillars on which the Canadian economy is standing. The agricultural projects provide jobs to the people as well as add to the revenue generation in the rural regions. A large number of small scale farmers depend upon the agriculture for their livelihood. Dairy farmers, sugar cane growers and poultry grow out of farms.